31 Aug

Hi, old friends.

After more than a year of silence, I assume most of you know that the project I began once upon a time is over. But based on the continued site views, comments, reblogs, etc., I see that this is still getting a little bit of attention. What to do?

I’ve realized, as my life has changed, that I’m no longer super comfortable having my photos out there for everyone (even though I know the internet is forever); I’ve also realized that the person who wrote all those posts is so far gone from my life that she’s barely recognizable (what a difference a few years makes, no?).

I also realize, though, that some of what I put up here matters a lot to me, and has been useful to others. So I’ve removed myself, as much as possible, from the site and what you’ll see now are just a few select posts — the ones with the most page views, the ones I’m most pleased with, the ones I think matter.

I’ve also left up the Blogging Academia list, with all the links to other Academia and Fashion participants. Many of those blogs are now defunct, as well, but there is a wealth of interesting information to be mined in there if you’re searching.

Anyhow, a fond farewell. I am so pleased that I embarked on this journey with you readers, all those many posts ago, and am so grateful for the experience.


One Response to “Shutdown”

  1. ganhar curtidas no facebook August 6, 2014 at 4:56 am #

    Muy bueno post!

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